5 awesome hotspots to visit in Eindhoven

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Earlier this week, I went on a press trip to Eindhoven (and Rotterdam but stay tuned for that!). I used to visit Eindhoven quit often, since I live close to the border with The Netherlands, I just love these small, cosy Dutch cities. I had a tour around the city and we visited a lot of nice hotspots. In this post I’ve picked out my top five, scroll to read!

Down Town Gourmet Market

I’m a food addict, so the first thing I love doing before I go to a city, is find nice (instagrammable) food hotspots. I’m crazy about food markets, it’s such a fun way to discover all kinds of meals and have small bites of different kitchens. The Down Town Gourmet Market is super cozy and they managed to make you feel as if you are in a southern country instead of Holland. When I visited it was too cold to eat outside, but I can imagine this place is amazing when the temperatures rise!

Studio Ruig

You might already be familiar with this minimalistic brand, but did you also know it has its own brand store and design studio in Eindhoven? Perfect to finally have a look at the complete collection instead of the smaller selection at boutiques. If you haven’t heard of this brand yet, you’re missing out! The minimalistic designs and the use of beautiful materials is what makes me a fan of this brand!

Sissy Boy

I love Sissy Boy, especially for their interior pieces, but the Sissy Boy store in Eindhoven is on a whole new level. First of all, it’s located in ‘the bubble’, an architectural piece like you have never seen before. Secondly, it’s huge! It has two floors and lastly, it has it’s own coffee bar which is simply stunning! A must-visit, even if it’s just for a coffee break.

Beans Brother

Talking about coffee, Beans Brother is your go-to hotspot! At this place they roast their own coffee beans and give farmers a fair price for their beans. This place is quit hidden, so you won’t find this place by just strolling around, thank me later!


Located in four Dutch cities already, Hutspot is taking over Holland and I can see why! This store sells clothing, books, gadgets, jewellery, interior decoration and so much more. It’s truly a pleasure to stroll through the store and have a look at all the unique brands they have to offer!

Et voila, there you have it, my five favorite places in Eindhoven. As you can tell, there’s a lot to do in Eindhoven. In case you want to find out more, I also included my vlog of my day around in Eindhoven and you can find all information about the city on their website.