5 reasons why a cruise is an amazing way to travel for millenials

As you guys know, I went on a cruise in November. A lot of people think that going on a cruise is something for old people, but I’m here to tell you why cruising is an epic travel experience for millenials! 

  • The perfect combo between relaxing and seeing places 

Visiting places is fun, but let’s admit… Roadtrips or travels where you hop from one city to another can make you come back home exhausted. With a cruise you have all the benefits of seeing a lot of places without constantly packing and unpacking. Time spent on the ship won’t feel as wasted time as you will have time short to explore all the facilities on board! One day you’re exploring a beautiful city, the next day you can have a chill day by the pool. Sounds like a great deal to me.

  • The food experience

On board of our ship, Harmony of the Seas, we had such a great food experience! We had a meal package, which allowed us to eat in six à la carte restaurants. You can also eat in these restaurants without taking a meal package but it’s interesting to see in advance which restaurants you would like to try so a meal package could be more profitable. From Italian, to Asian or Mexican, you have all kinds of kitchens. The food on the ship is versatile since every restaurant has their own chef. Next to the restaurants there are also a lot of cosy bars and places to get a little snack. 

  • Entertainment

As I said, you won’t be bored on the ship. Fill your days with zip lining, ice skating, watching aqua shows or broadway shows, minigolf, ball games, rock climbing, escape room and so much more. If you have kids, they can go wild in the crazy water slides while you spend the time relaxing by the pool. During the evening you can enjoy the entertainment but we also loved to go for a drink while watching a live music performance at one of the bars. 

  • You’re able to visit a lot of places on a short time.

Let’s admit, we all want to see the world. Personally I loved going on a cruise because one day you’re exploring Saint-Martin, the next Puerto Rico and then Haiti. Every day you have new experiences and impressions, which makes it so much fun! 

  • Some of these places you might otherwise never visit

I don’t think I’d book me a trip to Puerto Rico or Saint-Martin since it’s pretty small. With a cruise you can pay a short and sweet visit. The perfect way of travelling to cross a few places of your bucket list.

Interested in booking a cruise yourself? Be sure to check the website of Cruise Connection and Royal Caribbean for more information. 

Have you ever been on board of a cruise? Let me know in the comments!