5 Rotterdam hotspots to add to your list!

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As you know, I’ve visited Eindhoven to show you my favorite hotspots. The next day, I went to Rotterdam to discover this city as well. Of course I had to make a list of my favorite places, so you know where to go during your next visit to Rotterdam! I’ve picked out five places again that intrigued me and I’ll let you know why below!


The first hotspot we visited was Keet, the perfect start to a day full of discoveries. Keet allows small designers and brands to sell their products, which means you will find items here that you will find nowhere else, and you support small businesses! Next to shopping you can also pass by for breakfast, lunch or just coffee. I’m pretty sure you won’t be leaving empty handed…


What I love about Granny’s Finest, is the story behind it. They decided to launch the brand to help elderly people to be less lonely. They started knitting clubs, where the elderly people can get together and knit. In total the Granny Finest products are produced by 800 grandma’s and grandpa’s! Each product has a card with the name of the person who made the knitwear and a personal message. Through the Granny’s Finest website you can send a card back to this person. A brand that doesn’t only keep you warm on the outside, but also on the inside :-).


As I told you in my previous blogpost, Hutspot is taking over Holland! They are also located in Rotterdam and brands as Komono and Samsoe & Samsoe are just some of the reasons why this store is a must-visit!

‘S Zomers

Not fashion related but ‘S Zomers is the prettiest flower shop I’ve ever seen! Just having a walk through the shop and smell the flowers is sensational! Next to flowers you can also buy perfumes, candles and much more that makes a great gift.


After a day of shopping, I’m always exhausted! Time for drinks it is! We visited The Suicide Bar for a last drink before we went home and this place is really an experience. The bar is located on top of the ‘Groothandelsgebouw’ and isn’t easy to find but when you do, it’s more than worth it. The setting looks incredible and you have a view over the city. I’m pretty sure this is the place to be for drinks later on the evening!

That’s it! My favorite places in Rotterdam. Hope you enjoyed my insider tips about Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Be sure to let me know if you are visiting one of these places next time! I also made a small vlog again of this day (including a giveaway), have fun watching!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pggvXwTM3ho[/embedyt]