5 tips to buy your first diamond jewellery

Antwerp is known for its famous Antwerp diamonds but if you want to buy a piece of jewellery it can be overwhelming once you take a stroll around the Diamond Quarter and see the many boutiques. That’s why I wanted to give you five tips on buying your first diamond piece. This can also come in handy if you’re a man looking to propose and shop for thé ring! 

Fitting antique pieces at Adelin

1. Do your research

If you never heard of the four C’s regarding diamonds, then it’s time to do some serious research. The four C’s stand for cut, clarity, colour and carat. 

  • Cut: stands for both the diamond shape (round, pear, oval and so on) and the quality of the cut within its shape. The way the diamond is cut has an effect on how much it shines, so the better the quality of the cut, the higher the price. 
  • Clarity: since a diamond is a product of mother nature, it will have natural marks. The lesser marks it has within the diamond, the higher the clarity and value. 
  • Colour: the colour of a (white) diamond goes from colourless to light yellow, which is ranked from D (colourless and most valuable) to Z (most yellow).  This is not to be mistaken with rare colours such as bright yellow, pink and blue, which are a different category of diamonds than a white diamond. 
  • Carat: This stands for the weight of the diamond. The higher its weight, the higher its value.

This is a very brief explanation but be sure to keep an eye on these four C’s during shopping! You don’t want to buy a diamond with colour D for the price of one with colour Z, right? 

2. Think of what you want beforehand

Think of the diamond shape of your preference, yellow or white gold, the style, something large or subtile and so on. Trust me, once you enter a boutique and you see all those shiny diamonds, everything looks tempting! Go shopping with a plan of what you really want. 

I.Ma.Gi.N. jewels

3. Shop at a certified Antwerp’s Most Brilliant jeweller

Shop at a jeweller that you trust and is reliable. If it’s your first diamond purchase and you don’t know where to start, I would recommend shopping at jewellers that have received the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant label. This certification is given to jewellers by the city of Antwerp and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre. A jeweller with this certification has high standards regarding sustainability, safety, ethics, transparency, service and company stability and is only obtained after an independent audit has checked all the criteria. Some of my favorite jewellers who have received the Antwerp’s Most Brilliant label are I.Ma.Gi.N. jewels, Wouters & Hendrix & Nadine Wijnants. If you are looking for something one of a kind, then I would recommend to visit Adelin, a boutique specialised in antique jewellery. I recently had a styling session at Adelin and they give great advice about what pieces suit you best. 

Wouters & Hendrix

4. Keep an eye on your budget

Next to having an idea about what you want, make sure you have an idea about the budget you want to spend. If you can give your jeweller an idea of a price range and the type of jewellery, they are able to show you a selection within this range. This way you don’t risk falling in love with a piece that’s way over budget. 

5. If you’re shopping for someone else, keep them in mind

If you’re buying a gift to treat someone special or you’re looking for a ring to propose, be sure to think about what they would like instead of what your personal preferences are. Do they wear delicate jewellery or are they more into eyecatchers? Do they most often wear yellow, white or rosé gold? What’s their ring size? Make sure you know what they love so your diamond gift will be one for a lifetime. 

Nadine Wijnants


*Blogpost in collaboration with the City of Antwerp