A cruise to the Norwegian Fjords should be on your bucketlist, here’s why

I recently went on a cruise with my mom to the Norwegian Fjords with the newest Holland America Line ship: The Rotterdam. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. For me there are two important factors to going on a successful cruise trip. First of all the itinerary and secondly the ship you’re travelling on.

Let’s dive into the itinerary first. The main reason to go to the Norwegian Fjords is obviously to enjoy the beautiful nature and surroundings. During our cruise we stopped in Eidfjord, Ålesund, Bergen & Geiranger. I’m a city girl at heart and for me this is the perfect balance between nature and city. Whether you’re adventurous or not, during these stops there is something to do for everybody. From kayaking and hikes to just enjoying the beautiful viewpoints without putting in physical effort. We did the latter for my mom her comfort. The true magic for me lays in sailing through the fjords and being able to enjoy beautiful views hour after hour. This is something you just can’t experience in any other way than with a ship.

Next to the itinerary is was very pleased with our ship and in particular the entertainment and food on board. The entertainment was mostly focussed on live music, from classical music to blues and rock. Next to that there was a well equipped gym, swimming pools & jacuzzi, wellness, casino, dance shows and every evening they played a movie at the pool. We definitely didn’t manage everything we wanted to do during this week.

Food is another important aspect of a successful vacation for me. There were many different places to eat and the quality of food was great. We’ve had a restaurant experience every time we went out to dinner and there were plenty of vegetarian options on board. My favorite place was the Dutch café where they served poffertjes and other Dutch snacks.

You can find a lot more about this trip on my instagram account and be sure to have a look at the Holland America website for more information about their cruises.