A romantic winter getaway

Beginning of this month we decided to go to Prague to celebrate my birthday. I had never been to Prague and for my birthday we always do a city trip to a place very christmassy. After going to Paris and London, this year I wanted to go to Prague! The city didn’t disappoint, it’s as if you are walking around in a fairy tale…

We’ve spent our three days walking around the old town, shopping, enjoying food, a massage at the spa of Mandarin Oriental and most of all each others company. Prague surprised me in a good way, there’s a lot to see and the city is packed with history. In December, the city is just magical with all the Christmas markets and decorations. One of the things I was worried about, is that it would be too busy, but even though we had very nice weather, we never felt that it was too crowded. Budgetwise it’s not an expensive city to visit. Going out for lunch or dinner is relatively cheap, which means, more money to spend on Christmas gifts ;-). My favorite foodspot was ‘The Bowls’, a healthy lunchspot with vegan options, a bit outside of the tourist area. 

During this trip we stayed at Mandarin Oriental, which I would recommend booking if you’re looking to visit Prague. The location of the hotel is just a five minute walk from the famous Charles Bridge. Next to that the hotel’s atmosphere is quite unique since it is housed within an old monastry from the 14th century. As soon as we walked into the hotel, we felt home, and I love it when a hotel can make you feel this way. Whether you book a stay at Mandarin Oriental or not, be sure to book a treatment at the Spa. It was truly one of the best massages I’ve ever had and felt so good after walking in the cold all day! More information about the hotel, rooms and spa can be found on their website. 

Have you ever been to Prague?