Welcome to my website, happy to have you here!

I’m Nathalie, a 30 year old living in Antwerp, Belgium together with my boyfriend and two cats. I’ve started this blog in April 2012 as my new hobby and quickly it became my passion. Over the years I managed to make blogging my fulltime job which allows me to put all my time into creating content, the thing I love most.

As time and blogposts went by, I discovered where my interest really is; a combination of fashion and travel. My style is feminine and playful, I like to mix designer and high street items. As most people, I share a lot on instagram and I use this platform instagram to show my outfits. Regarding travel I love to travel with Jeroen to luxurious places and discovering new cities, hotspots, beautiful places,… When I travel, I love to write an article about it here, telling you about my favorite hotspots, tips and experiences. You can also find me on youtube and tiktok. On whatever channel you tune in, I hope I can inspire you during your next shopping spree or travels.

Stay in touch and enjoy reading!


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