Berlin Hotspots & what I wore!

Oh January, I won’t be missing you. I always think it’s an amazing month because it’s a brand new start but every year again, I realise it’s my least favorite month of the year. I’m having post-holiday/birthday blues, the weather is depressing, and work-wise there is not much going on. This year I have been waiting to sign the papers for our appartment the entire month and we still haven’t signed them. So it’s been quit frustrating and the enthousiasm for our appartment went down really quick because of the endless waiting.

That’s why I had the idea for a quick escape with the two of us. I always love going away for two or three nights in a different city, with different people and a different atmosphere. Even though it is short, a trip like this always makes me feel happy and inspired. Since there are a lot of flights on Berlin, they are quit cheap and when Jeroen told me he had never been to Berlin, my decision was made. I went to Berlin a few times but never for more than 24h, so I was excited to discover this city a bit more!

There is of course a lot of history in Berlin, so if you are interested in museums, this is one of the must-visit cities. If you are a party animal, you won’t be dissapointed either. For us, we enjoyed or trip, but we wouldn’t visit Berlin again real soon. There are plenty of cities to discover and Berlin just isn’t a city I would visit over and over again such as Paris. However, I do think you have to visit Berlin at least once. If you do, here are my favorite hotspots, and some atmosphere pictures!

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First up is Die Stulle. A super cosy place to have a coffee, lunch or to give into your sweet cravings.

For dinner, I’d totally recommend Cecconi’s. It’s an Italian restaurant, with a few restaurants over the world, but it does feel like an authentic place. The interior is very pretty with the red chairs and it gave me Italian vibes. This truffle paste was to die for!

Finally, you need a place to sleep of course! We stayed at the Grand Hyatt and we loved this hotel. The service was excellent and they offer a lot of facilities. They have their own cosy bar, a spa and swimming pool, restaurant,… What impressed me the most was their breakfast. We ordered breakfast in the room once but we also went to the buffet one day, and the buffet is just insane. Literally everything you can imagine you want to eat, is there. One of the best hotel breakfasts I ever had, without doubt!

Tell me, have you ever been in Berlin? Or are you planning to? For more about this trip, be sure to check our recap video!