My experience with Clearcaps braces, before and after

The moment is finally here. I’m done with my Clearcaps braces! Saying finally is not really correct because I haven’t even worn them for a year and my teeth are

My journey to straight teeth!

It’s been a while since my last update about my ClearCaps braces, so time to let you know how everything is going! As you know, I’ve started my journey for

Update about my ClearCaps braces!

Do you see a difference between the first and second picture of this blogpost? You might want to take a closer look because on the second one, I’m wearing my

I’m wearing invisible braces!

Last week I started with my clearcaps braces and I want to tell you a bit more about it! When I was in my teens my teeth could use some

Our Drivy roadtrip experience

Last week Jeroen and I had a little roadtrip in Belgium. I just arrived back home from Marrakech so it was the best timing, as I love going on an

5 Rotterdam hotspots to add to your list!

As you know, I’ve visited Eindhoven to show you my favorite hotspots. The next day, I went to Rotterdam to discover this city as well. Of course I had to

5 awesome hotspots to visit in Eindhoven

Earlier this week, I went on a press trip to Eindhoven (and Rotterdam but stay tuned for that!). I used to visit Eindhoven quit often, since I live close to

New Year, new me. 2018 Resolutions.

Late to the game, but I still wanted to share my resolutions for 2018. I believe writing them down will make it easier to actually do something with it. I’m

My LFW experience with Cîroc

In between unpacking and packing again (this time for Paris!) I finally have a few hours of time to update you on one of my recent trips. I was invited