My experience with Clearcaps braces, before and after

The moment is finally here. I’m done with my Clearcaps braces! Saying finally is not really correct because I haven’t even worn them for a year and my teeth are super straight. I’m just super excited to share the before and after pictures with you guys! If you are not sure what I’m talking about, please do check my previous blogposts here, here and here.

Short recap: in June I started with my invisible Clearcaps braces and placed my teeth in hands of tandarts Willemijn from Clinias. How does it work? Every 7-14 days you put a new Clearcaps over your teeth and every one is a bit more in the direction you want your teeth to be, in the end leading to straight teeth!

Let’s not keep you waiting any longer, here are some of the results and after that I will list the pros and cons!

Doesn’t that look amazing? The Clearcaps did a perfect job in straightening my teeth but I must say I was also very happy to have teamed up with Clinias and tandarts Willemijn. She’s always in a good mood and always keeping me informed about the next steps. In the end she made sure my teeth had that extra bit of perfection by making my canines a bit rounder and making one of my teeth a bit longer. Breda is just a 40 minute drive from Antwerp and for me it was definitely worth driving a bit longer to make sure I went with someone that I trusted with my teeth.

Having straight teeth is something I’ve wanted since I was a teenager. Unfortunately I never took the step as it wasn’t so bad back then, and over the years my teeth started living their own life ;-). As you can tell by now, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Let’s list my pros and cons!


  • Almost invisible, nobody ever noticed that I was wearing braces.
  • Not painful at all. With every new Clearcaps you feel a bit of tension, or your teeth can be sensitive for a day but nothing dramatic
  • All in price: the price is for your braces and the consultations
  • It’s less pricey than normal braces or invisalign
  • Less snacking: since you have to take them every time you eat, you’re snacking a lot less 😉
  • No difference in speaking: you have to get used to the braces the first days, but after that nobody notices any difference


  • You have to take them out to eat or drink anything other than water. This is sometimes a bit less practical. For example when flying, you can’t properly brush your teeth to put them back in.
  • It’s still a big amount of money (just like any other braces), but I think it’s worth the investment
  • You can loose them. Since you take them out and sometimes wrap them in a napkin when you forget your case, it’s easy to have them end up in the trash. It never happened to me, but if you are u clumsy person, keep this in mind 😉
  • You need dedication. You have to wear the braces for at least 20hours a day. If you’re nonchalant, this might not be the best option for you.

I’m excited to hear what you think of the results! If you are interested in getting Clearcaps braces yourself, you can always contact Clinias or Clearcaps.