My favorite things to do on board of Oasis of the Seas

In May I had the pleasure to go on a cruise together with Jeroen. We were invited by Cruise Connection and Royal Caribbean to board Oasis Of The Seas to explore the Mediterranean coast. As you know, we went on a cruise in November as well, and we absolutely loved it! Be sure to read about that experience here and here.

In this post I want to tell you a bit more about the ship and what I loved about it. Oasis of the Seas is comparable with Harmony of the Seas, the ship we were on last time. Both are amongst the biggest ships in the world, needless to say that there is a lot to see and do!

  • Food: one of the most important things for me on any trip is the food and dining experience. Even though the cruise is all-inclusive, we had an extra dining package so that we could visit all the à-la-carte restaurants. I just love the atmosphere in these small restaurants, it’s more romantic and I also love that you have a lot of options about what you want to eat. There is something for everybody: Mexican, grill, French, Italian, Asian and much more! My favorite one is the Mexican restaurant, we even went there three times in a week, the guacamole is addictive! Runner up is the Asian restaurant, you can always make me happy with freshly made sushi. I also love that they have a vitamin bar on the ship where they make fresh juices and smoothies. Perfect for my vitamin fix after a gym session!
  • The design: everywhere you go on the ship, it looks beautiful! My favorite place on the ship is Central Park, which really feels as if you are taking a walk in a park. In the evening there is always live music. Perfect to relax with a drink and just enjoy the beautiful surrounding.
  • The shows: we both normally don’t like too much entertainment and prefer to just do our thing, have dinner, drinks,… Back in November I loved the shows on Harmony of the Seas and this time I really enjoyed it again. There are a lot of different kind of shows; broadway show, ice skating show, water show, comedy show, magician show,… A perfect way to spend your evening. All these shows are on a high level with top performers. My favorite one was the ice skating show!
  • The activities: Of course you can chill by the pool, which we did a few days for a few hours. But being on a cruise ship doesn’t mean you can’t be active! I have an active lifestyle and go to the gym at least two times a week. On Oasis of the Seas there is a huge gym with all the equipment you can think of! Next to that Jeroen loved the basketball court. He played for around 10 years so we had a lot of fun throwing some balls! I also gave the zipline a try and Jeroen practised on his Flo Rider skills. No time to be bored, that’s for sure!

Have a look at my youtube videos to see more of our experience. Overall I think I’m getting addicted to going on a cruise. Visiting a city during the day and then go back to the ship for all these fun activities and a tasty dinner is a perfect combo. If you are interested in going on a cruise yourself, be sure to check out the website of Cruise Connection. They also have an office in Kontich, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. I’m sure they can help you find the perfect cruise experience!