My journey to straight teeth!

It’s been a while since my last update about my ClearCaps braces, so time to let you know how everything is going! As you know, I’ve started my journey for straight teeth in June. As we are speaking I’m already at 2/3th of my traject! It’s insane how quick it goes by and I will be done with my treatment around February. Earlier this week I had a consult at Clinias Breda. My dentist Willemijn van den Houdt checks my teeth regularly to see if everything is going well. From the minute I’ve entered Clinias, I got such a positive vibe thanks to Willemijn and her team. They always welcome me with the biggest smile! During all my appointments I’ve never felt uncomfortable or scared. While I normally hate going to the dentist, I don’t mind at all to go to Clinias. I always get clear information so I know perfectly what’s going to happen during the next steps of my treatment.

If you are not familiar with the ClearCaps concept, I recommend to read my previous two blogposts here and here. I still have around 10 ClearCaps that I need to wear each for around 10 days. When that’s done, Willemijn will be checking my teeth to see if everything is straight and if not, it’s possible that ClearCaps will produce a few more bits until my teeth are perfect! For those wondering, if you have the all-in treatment, it includes all dentist appointments and all extra bits that have to be produced. So if you notice at the end of your treatment it’s not perfect yet, you don’t have to pay more.

My teeth already look so much better, I can’t wait to share before and after pictures when I’ve finished my treatment! If you have any questions about the ClearCaps treatment, you can always contact Clinias, ClearCaps or leave a comment below this post!

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