New Year, new me. 2018 Resolutions.

Late to the game, but I still wanted to share my resolutions for 2018. I believe writing them down will make it easier to actually do something with it. I’m not really planning on any drastic changes, but I do have some things I want to better myself in this year compared to last year. So here we go:

Work goals

Regarding work, I have a few things that I want to change. I want to write more blogposts again. Especially about hotspots and my travels. I think we are all a bit tired to see outfit blogposts since an instagram posts says everything about an outfit already. But I do want to use this space to give some tips and tricks about travelling, the cities that I visit or more personal posts.

Next to that I really want to focus on my youtube channels. I want to try to upload more videos on both my English as Dutch channel. I post a video every week on my English channel but I’d love to go to two every week, which I already do sometimes, this really depends on my agenda. On my Dutch vlog channel I just want to post as much as I can. I think this will definitely be easier once I live together with Jeroen so I can include him a bit more in the vlogs as well. Hopefully we will be living together soon!

Grow my email list. I started focussing more on this in 2017, but I think it’s such a good way to keep you up-to-date about important content or things I know you like such as giveaways. Instagram, facebook, my blog, youtube, I get that it’s a lot to keep up with. Thanks to my email list I can show you in one email every once in a while my best content. If you’re not in my list yet, click here to enter your info.

Instagram wise, I want to improve my editing and buy a new camera. As you know my camera got stolen in Paris and we are currently saving up for a new one because it’s quit expensive. Next to that I want to make sure I only post pictures I stand by 100%. Sometimes I think a picture is ‘meh’ and post it anyway instead of deleting it. This is also one of the reasons I want to travel more, I just love taking pictures in other countries and in travel settings instead of my hometown.

Personal goals

Regarding my health, I want to work out more. I always try to work out often but I still have some weeks that I don’t do anything of sports because I’m too busy. So I want to make sure I make more time for sports. Next to that, I also want to drink more water and less alcohol. I often start drinking my first glass of water during dinner and I know it’s anything but healthy. I really want to limit my alcohol consumption on special occasions only. I often grab a glass of cava at an event and I must say I don’t actually enjoy it. Alcohol isn’t healthy either so I’m gonna try to only consume it when I really feel like it. Lastly, I want to eat less sweets and snacks. I’m really a professional snacker. Chocolate, chips, I kinda eat all this rubbish all day every day. Less snacks, more veggies! ;-). Next to that I’m adding a few vitamins from MyVitamins to my daily routine such as Vitamin D3, Iron and B12 to make sure my body is getting everything it needs.

Overcome my fear of needles, doctors and anything else to finally have my wisdom teeth removed. I’m so scared of going under narcosis, you have no idea. After that I want to get invisible braces and get my teeth looking perfect.

Travel more. I travel a lot already but this year I want to do a few citytrips with Jeroen, now that he is also a fulltime independent worker, it’s a lot easier. Discover a city in a few days, take some epic pics and enjoy each others company, nothing can beat these experiences! I also want to make more travels out of Europe. For this I want to save up money and spend less on luxury items and more on travels. On top of my list, Mexico, Bali, Cuba and LA.

What are your resolutions for 2018?