New York Travel Post

It’s been almost two weeks since I’m back from New York but after that I travelled to Amsterdam and Paris so I just got around to writing a post about it for you guys! New York was beyond amazing, I just loved the vibe in the city. It’ really that kind of city that will never bore you. Today I want to talk to you about my experience and give you my tips and tricks! 

Where to sleep? 

During my trip I’ve stayed at the Archer Hotel. My stay was beyond amazing, the hotel had everything you needed. Delicious breakfast, rooms with enough space, a beautiful bathroom, views on the Empire State building, great location, a rooftop bar and amazing staff! The hotel thought about a lot of small details such as these cute matching slippers, cookies with the evening service and much more. If you are interested in booking a room or want more information, be sure to head over to their website

What to do? 

My favorite activity during this trip was exploring New York by bike! I was a bit scared at first to ride the bike in a city like New York but that’s not necessary at all. Believe me, the traffic in Brussels or Paris is a lot more dangerous. When the weather allows it this is the best way to go from one place to another and have the most insane views of the city with all the big buildings. It almost felt unreal! We went over the Brooklyn Bridge and biked through Soho but you can get anywhere by bike. 

Soho is nice to explore as well, it’s a complete different atmosphere so you should definitely visit this neighborhood while you’re in New York. The best foodspots were in this area, but more about that later in this post ;-).

To get the most insane views on New York, I would advise everyone to visit Top of the Rock and of course the Brooklyn Bridge. 

We also went to watch Chicago. A broadway show is something typical for New York and you shouldn’t miss out on this! If your planning is flexible just book the tickets for a broadway show the day itself and enjoy up to 50% off. 

And of course you can’t leave New York without a good walk through Central Park! If the weather is nice, hop on one of the little boats and just enjoy the environment. 

Where to eat? 

You guys know I looooove food. Be sure to eat American Pancakes for breakfast at least one time and enjoy drinks at one of the many rooftop bars with epic views. Donuts are the perfect snack on the go, and they taste so much better in America! Next to that here are some of my favorite places:

– Milk and cookies (Soho): Go here to grab an icecream cookie sandwich. Be sure to share because they are way to big to eat on your own.
– Shake Shack: If you’re in America, this is the perfect fastfood restaurant to eat cheap, quick and delicious. Don’t focus on your summerbody though. 
– By Chloé: This lunch spot has a really cool vibe and the food was delicious. Be sure to try the sweet potato fries. 
– Just Salad: A fast food restaurant, but this time with salad bowls. Have a salad with loads of ingredients for just 10 dollars!
– Café Henrie: The atmosphere here is so American, yet the perfect hipster place to enjoy an Matcha latte and acaï bowl. 
– Dorado Taco: small place but the tacos were delicious and really cheap. A must-visit if you’re closeby!

I haven’t really found a great romantic restaurant to have dinner, so if you know any be sure to let me know in the comments. Never too soon to plan your next trip ;-). We did go to some restaurants but none of them were so great that I would say you should be sure to visit them as well! Keep in mind that service is not included and you have to give 10-20% tip. 

Where to get the best instagram pic? 

To check all my instagram pictures, be sure to check my #curlsandbagsinnyc tag. My favorite places to take some pictures:

– Top of the Rock: The views are insaaaane. That always makes a good backdrop ;-).
– Flatiron Building: This building is pretty impressive being so ‘flat’. Wait for a red light and strike a pose! 
– Dumbo: Somewhere over the Brooklyn Bridge you have Dumbo. I don’t know the exact street name of this location anymore but given the bridge in the backdrop, it’s not to hard to find this spot. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you want to see more about my NYC adventures, be sure to check my vlogs on my youtube channel.