Exploring the Mediterranean coast

During our cruise in May, we’ve visited six places at the Mediterranean coast. We’ve started our trip in Barcelona then went to Palma, Marseille, Cinque Terre, Rome, and finally Naples.

My favorite things to do on board of Oasis of the Seas

In May I had the pleasure to go on a cruise together with Jeroen. We were invited by Cruise Connection and Royal Caribbean to board Oasis Of The Seas to

A wonderful stay at Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona

I just came back home from an amazing cruise around the Mediterranian coast , about which I will tell you more very soon. Our ship took off in Barcelona, so

Welcome to my dressing room!

When we bought our apartment, my dressing room was the last priority. Now that everything else has fallen into place, it was time to organise the room that’s actually most

The perfect spring getaway to Turkey

A while back, me and Annabel received an invite by Ela quality Resort to spend a few days at their beautiful hotel. We looked at the pictures on their website

My experience with Clearcaps braces, before and after

The moment is finally here. I’m done with my Clearcaps braces! Saying finally is not really correct because I haven’t even worn them for a year and my teeth are