5 reasons why a cruise is an amazing way to travel for millenials

As you guys know, I went on a cruise in November. A lot of people think that going on a cruise is something for old people, but I’m here to

Amsterdam Hotspots and outfits

Last week I went on a quick trip with my blogger bestie Annabel to Amsterdam. We went two times in December and we really love going to Amsterdam when we

London Photo Diary

Hi guys! London was my last trip of the year and it was perfect to have some quality time with my sister and mom and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. It’s the


Dress: Mangano Hi guys! Grab a cup of coffee or tea because this post is a bit longer than usual. Time to tell you all about my trip to Paris

Travel: 24 hours in Eindhoven

Last week I’ve stayed in Eindhoven for a day, I visit this city often to go shopping since it is not even one hour away from my home. When they

Working on the go with HP

  Hi guys, as you know I’ve just been to Paris and I will be going to Paris again very soon for Paris Fashion Week… Being away from home that

Travel: Five things you have to do in Zakynthos

Last week I visited Zakynthos and I was amazed by this beautiful island! The nature is insane and it has a few beautiful places that are worth a visit. I’ve

Travel Diary: South of France

As you know by now, I went to the South of France with Jeroen and his family. They rented the cutest house with a beautiful swimming pool. Every other day

Paris with Chantelle

Last week I was in Paris for a great day with Chantelle. We visited the factory to see the process of their lingerie, we had a night in one of