Travel: Five things you have to do in Zakynthos

Last week I visited Zakynthos and I was amazed by this beautiful island! The nature is insane and it has a few beautiful places that are worth a visit. I’ve listed five things you should do, even though I didn’t all do them myself, I wish I had this list before I went there ;-).
1. Rent a car for a day

The day before I left I decided to rent a car and go on a roadtrip with Julie. This way you can see everything you want and it’s just so much fun! The view from the car was pretty amazing the whole day and even though I’m normally a bit afraid to drive in the mountains, it was definitely ok. A city that was on my list to visit but we didn’t manage anymore was Keri, so be sure to put it on your list :-).
2. Swim in the blue cave

By car you can easily drive to the blue caves. Once you get there, just take the stairs and take a refreshing jump in the ocean. At your left you can enter the blue cave that is not accessible for boats, a unique experience! Enjoy the clear blue water and jump of the rocks if you’re looking for adventure.
3. Rent a speed boat at Laganas for turtle spotting

You don’t need a license to rent a speed boat at Zakynthos. The price for one hour per person is around €17. This way you can go turtle spotting at your own pace and even swim close to them. We did an excursion by boat and saw one turtle from a long distance. The speed boat experience is really a lot more fun since you can go for a swim anytime you want and we were stuck on the boat, and they let us wait for another group for 40 minutes before we started. Be sure not to go in a big boat with glass bottom since the turtles have to be able to go up to catch air and these boats often block them to do so. Don’t go to close to the turtles because if you scare them, they drop their eggs which is pretty sad, right?
4. Visit the Shipwreck Island

This is a must-do in Zakynthos of course, since it is what Zakynthos is most known for. You can visit the Island with speed boat or an excursion but then you are very limited in your time there (45 minutes). It’s a pebble beach so be sure to adapt your shoes ;-). If you are not really into it, you can visit the Shipwreck viewpoint from above by car, cool pictures are guaranteed!
5. Visit Zakynthos for dinner
Zakynthos is beautiful to stroll around. I would recommend to visit it in the evening since it’s less warm to walk and the port is a beautiful place to watch the sunset. What I liked most was the atmosphere at this place where all the cute resto’s came together. The perfect spot for a romantic tête à tête or to enjoy dinner in a mediterranean atmosphere.
I hope this post inspired you for your next holiday, we stayed at Sentido Louis Plagos Beach, which is an all-inclusive resort. The only negative thing about the hotel was that there wasn’t much to do in the surrounded area. What’s also good to know is that most beach bars offer free sunbeds if you buy a drink.
Let me know if you already visited Zakynthos or if you want to!