Travel: Koh Samui Photo diary

Hope you guys already enjoyed my photo diary from Bangkok! Time for a post about our next stop, Koh Samui. 

We took a one hour flight from Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi airport. Our flight was with Bangkok airlines, they have a lounge for all passangers with drinks and snacks, so you waiting isn’t that hard ;-). 

When we arrived in Koh Samui we first went to the big Buddha. We had a look at a few Buddha statues but this one impressed me the most. 

Time to check in! We stayed two nights in Intercontinental hotel. Our rooms were great, especially the view from our terras was impressive. There was also an infinity pool, which I always think is a huge plus. 

Also good to know is that if you’re not a guest in the hotel, you can still visit the Air Bar. This lounge bar has a view over the ocean and you can watch the sun go down. A very romantic and relaxed atmosphere. 

In the evening we went to Bo Phut Fischerman Village. A place with cute shops and a lot of restaurants. The atmosphere was lovely, worth a visit. I didn’t get a good picture, but I really enjoyed our dinner at the Happy Elephant restaurant. 
The next day we were ready for a day filled with water fun and beach time! We took a speedboat to the Angtong National Marine Park. A beautiful place with blue lagoons, rock formations, caves and beaches. We enjoyed some snorkeling, kayak, lunch on the beach, a good hike and of course a relaxing with our toes in the sand. 

For me this day was the highlight of our trip. I just love the stunning nature and the watersports were amazing. Just like the empty beaches… Almost surreal! Next stop was Surat Thani, Which you will read about soon :-). More information about visiting Thailand can be found on the website of Tourism Thailand.