Update about my ClearCaps braces!

Do you see a difference between the first and second picture of this blogpost? You might want to take a closer look because on the second one, I’m wearing my Clearcaps braces. I always wanted to have my teeth straightened but I didn’t want people to actually see me wearing braces. Clearcaps is the perfect solution, as it’s as good as invisible.

I have been wearing my Clearcaps for around eleven weeks now, which means that I have done 1/3th of the time I need to wear them. When I’m done, I’ll be sure to show you before and after pictures and a video. When making this post, I had a look at the before pictures again and it’s crazy to see how much straighter my teeth already are. It is such a motivation to wear my braces as much as I can, I only take them out to eat. I have around five more months to go, so I will be done beginning of 2019. New year, new smile ;-).

During my treatment, Dentist Willemijn van den Houdt from Clinias is taking care of my teeth. I feel so at ease when I visit Clinias. Both Willemijn as her team always welcome me with a big smile. I’ve had a few appointments to make some space for my teeth. This is not painful at all, just a bit uncomfortable but it’s done in just a few minutes. Other than that, you just click the Clearcaps in and out when you eat, easy like that! I also made a video update, check it out below!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw8zAigLmx0[/embedyt]