Where to eat & sleep in Nice

Hello sweeties! I just came back from the most wonderful getaway to the Côte D’azur in France. I’ve spent four days with my mom in Nice. I love all the cities around the Côte D’Azur but ended up picking Nice because it’s close to the airport and I didn’t want to rent a car for only a few days. I’ve been to Nice a few times before and always enjoyed it. This time I got to know the city a bit better and it is just the perfect getaway if you want a few days off. In Nice you can find good restaurants, enjoy the great weather and go shopping. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like a perfect trip! Let’s have a look at some of my favorite places.


Nice has some really nice places to eat! Our stay was only short, but I discovered some places that I really loved!

  • Confiserie Ballanger: in need for a sugar rush? At Confiserie Ballanger you can find waffles, pancakes, popcorn, churros, and so much more to fill your sugar needs. Next to that the interior is all pink, an instagram dream come true!
  • Fennochio: the best place in Nice for gelato. It’s gonna be hard to decide what flavour because they serve almost 100 flavours!
  • Le Hussard: the perfect place to have a dinner, cocktail or both! The food was good, there’s a nice atmosphere and it’s located on a rooftop in the cosy streets of nice. You’re guaranteed to have a great evening!
  • Le Plongeoir: want to go for a fancy dinner or drink? Le Plongeoir is your place to be. It’s located in the middle of the sea, this location can’t be more romantic. The food is French and very refined. Absolutely loved this place.

To do

Having a great time in Nice isn’t hard. Get lost in the picturesque streets to shop some authentic French products, book a sunbed and relax by the beach or go to the most fancy part of the city for some designer shopping.

To sleep

During our trip, we stayed at the Best Western Plus hotel Brice Garden and we absolutely loved it. The staff was beyond friendly. The hotel was located just perfectly with walking distance from the beach and old town. The city garden is definitely a plus, so cosy to have breakfast in the garden! For more information, be sure to check out their website. 

Hope you enjoyed my tips for Nice, have you ever been to this amazing city?