Why your next holiday should be at the Vendée

Hi babes! In September I went on a short but sweet trip to the Vendée in France together with my mom. We loved it and here’s why:

Soft climate

The Vendée region is known for it’s soft and sunny climate. The amount of hours of sunshine is comparable with the South of France which makes it the perfect place to soak up some vitamin D.

Activities for everyone

The Vendée is a great destination if you are looking for a beach holiday, but it doesn’t stop there. Whether you love relaxing at a spa or going out and be adventurous, it’s all possible at the Vendée. In Saint-jeans-des-monts you can go cycling, hiking, Nordik walking, horseback riding, golf, and more. We also did a wine tasting at Le Domaine L’orée du Sabia which we enjoyed a lot.

The most beautiful sunsets

We’ve been lucky enough to have a view on the sunset for two evenings in a row and they were beyond beautiful. The first picture is taken in Fromentine, and the second one in ‘Theo Spot’ in Saint-Gilles.


The Vendée region is kinder to your budget than the South Of France. To give an example, we had lunch at Pilours in Saint-Gilles which was a beautiful restaurant with view over the sea and a 3 course menu was between 21 and 36 euro.

If you want to see more of this trip, have a look at my vlog!